En inblick i vår eminente fotografs värld!

Well, I guess it’s my turn to blog! And yes, you’re reading correctly, this is in English. I’m the American photographer working with 3 Etage. Jag heter Derek och kommer från Kalifornien. Jag flyttade till Sverige  2013 med min fru. Well she wasn’t my wife then, but we have since gotten married. Together we have a son who is now four years old. I studied photography in a town called Santa Barbara and did a few odd jobs with my skills until finding out exactly what I wanted to do in the photography field. Directly upon moving to Sweden my wife and I started a photography business and began shoot weddings. Yes, she’s also a photographer. That still is happening, but I guess I’m here to talk about real estate photography, so I’ll get into to that.  Photographing real estate or Interiors kind of just happened out of nowhere. It was never my intention or anything I was interested in, or so I thought. I needed work to get me through the downtime when I wasn’t shooting weddings. No coffee shop or restaurant would hire me, probably because of my lack of Swedish. Which is better now than it was, but still not very good. To make a long story short, I learned how to photograph real estate and the guys at 3 Etage liked my work and said ”nu kör vi” or something like that, and almost 3 years later here I am.


It wasn’t until last year that I was officially employed with 3 Etage. I first began freelancing, but they must have really liked me. It’s been a huge growing process for me since when I first began photographing real estate. It really grew on me, and it’s now a huge passion of mine and I am really glad I made a carrier out of it.  When I first started, I wouldn’t say I was bad, but I wasn’t anything special. I soon began to play around with what I was doing and began to develop my skill. While I was progressing photographically, 3 Etage was also progressing. Developing alongside of them has been a huge pleasure, and we continue to thrive for excellence. Now, when I say I’ve came along way from when I first started it’s no lie. I guess that also coincides on how I see real estate photography in general. I wanted to create something different and better. I feel that for a long time this type of photography wasn’t really looked at from an artistic point of view, which is probably why I never thought to take my photography to interiors. It’s just recently that it’s starting to break through and head in that direction. At least here in Sweden. I also got into interior design and home styling, which is something I never cared for before. Gaining knowledge in these areas I feel helped guide my photography development.


My work allows me to see many different homes and I draw inspiration from different characteristics or personal touches that people incorporate within their home. Paying attention to these things has allowed me to know what works and what doesn’t work. I’m usually drawn more towards the unusual and very personalized styled. Anyone can buy what’s in as far as ”inredning” goes, but it’s what you buy and how you use it that matters.


Aside from work I enjoy the great outdoors. Martin once called me a “skogsmulle” which is pretty fitting. I like to hike and camp (in a tent) and you could say I know how survive in the wilderness to some extent. I’m going to go ahead and turn the lights off on this blog post now. Hope you enjoyed reading in English (or google translate) and who knows, maybe I’ll be photographing your home one day.


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