”The art of photo”

So, its my turn to blog again. As you now know (or not) I am the one behind the camera at 3 Etage. Being so, I would like to talk about what it is like being a creative in a sale driven work place. I became a photographer because I wanted a new outlet for my creativeness. I have always had a need to make things or express creativity. It’s what I’ve always felt most comfortable doing. I turned to photography when I realized that we will soon be living in a digital dominant world, and sure enough I was right. Everything is backed by or supported by digital media. Including the selling of real estate. It’s really cool that a profession so business oriented has turned to digital photography as a tool and relies on it to be seen or get noticed. Hell, it’s probably one of the most useful selling tools these days.

”Kvadratsmart på Hälsovägen 7C. Liten  och mycket trevlig 2:a.”

Naturally, my only goal in this whole selling equation is to create awesome pictures. That’s really all I know how to do. I have no idea how to sell anything to anyone. I’ve had jobs where I needed to sell and It’s just not my cup of tea. And when it comes to talking to people I don’t think I’m so good at that either, but if you put me behind a camera¦. I will make magic.

”Schyst kök på Stampgatan 7, riktigt bra 3:a på Tågaborg.”

When It comes to photos of real estate, I think that they are great for giving a potential buyer some inspiration. People really want to see what they can do with a given living space. I could be wrong, but I think people often see photos of a home and Think ”this is so me”. They start planning out how they will live in a space before they are even there. So, to have a home that is fixed or styled in a way that draws that type of reaction is pretty important. At least for the pictures. Photography let’s see you see those things in a different way. It’s one thing to go and look at a home, but to see photographs creates a special feeling. For instance, I’ve sometimes photographed a home and then gone back to photo the same place but with a different owner and see almost the same exact placement of furniture, or very similar style. It’s almost a mirrored image of how it was when they bought it the previous year or so.

”Fönster i bästa New York stil från Drottninggatan 48 som vi har till salu”

Photographing real estate is not just about seeing the living space. To me, it’s more about calling attention to certain areas of the home. Maybe from an angle that you wouldn’t usually see it from when you are actually there. Or to show the way light comes through the bedroom in a very unique and cozy way. I like to capture the very real sides of a home and show a home for what it is and what it could be. I try to add life and feeling to inanimate space. It’s so often that you see very unrealistic images of houses or apartments, and I have a really hard time understanding why that is, or how that was ever a thing. It doesn’t look good. I don’t think a space should be made to look other than how it really is. Photos are usually the first thing a potential buyer sees. They probably look at the pictures before reading any further information regarding the listing. Which is why it’s so important to make a huge visual impact and appeal to inspire a potential buyer that this might be the right future home for them.


”Michael Löfmansgata 6 som vi just nu säljer, väldigt trevlig inredning”


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