One breath at a time

Efter en relativt kritiserande vecka så tänkte jag påbörja denna veckan med kärlek. Förhoppningsvis får detta citat från Kino dig lika glad som det fick mig:

”Someone asked me yesterday on Periscope if I like Muslims. My response: why do you ask? I like good people. I don’t care what color your skin is, what your religious faith is, how much or how little is in your bank account, what sexual orientation you feel most comfortable with, whether you’re liberal or conservative or whatever. I won’t make you wrong if I disagree, I will try to understand where you’re coming from and respect our differences. I will do my best to meet you on common ground. I will do this because #ibelieveinlove
Yogis are held to a higher standard of accountability. And I think that’s fair enough. To sit at the helm of an ancient spiritual tradition built on the promise of lasting peace isn’t something to be taken lightly. It means something to practice yoga and to live the yogi’s life. I appreciate every time someone called me out for being out of my integrity because I’ve learned from it. We aren’t perfect and we need the mirror of a loving community strong enough to offer constructive criticism in the effort of expansion and evolution. We need the support of one another to venture into new territories and create a more peaceful world. The yogi’s path is laid with the bricks of forgiveness, patience and tolerance. If we devolve into name-calling tirades aimed at convincing people to be peaceful then we betray the spiritual heart of the practice. Besides, the least effective way to change someone’s mind is by yelling at them. Win their trust rather by your example, by the steadfast faith expressed in your actions, by your calm even temper, and by your tenacious spirit. Rant and rave and it gets us nowhere. History has shown us that to stand up to the biggest bullies we need the power of peace, not more war.
I believe in love. Love is enlightened action. Love is reaching across hard lines to understand where we are coming from. Love is a sense of community and togetherness. Love is healing, teaching and kindness. Love is patient, hopeful and eternal.
How about you?”






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Sara Stridh, 25 år bor i Malmö med sambon Alex. Sysselsättning: studerar idrottsvetenskap med inriktning Sport Manager, arbetar ideellt för Träna i Parken som Sport Manager/projektledare och är kommande skribent för Malmö Om mig: Licensierad professionell dykare, älskar livet under vattenytan och livet uppochner på land. Är på ständig jakt efter nya äventyr och erfarenheter. Jag anser att det finns en träningsform för alla att bli förälskade i - träning, hälsa och livsglädje är till för alla! Favoritträningsform: Förändring förnöjer är mitt motto! I Malmö sysselsätter jag mig med Street Workout, Kali Sikaran, Taekwondo och vanlig hederlig styrketräning.


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